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Dean Ambrose Winner of Battleground 2016

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Now Seth and Roman can fight over a who at SummerSlam. Maybe they get there through a tournament that happens on raw. But they fight at ss. Then towards the end of the match, triple h's music hits and he comes out. Seth is happy at first because he thinks trips is here to help him. When all the sudden, bam! He nails Rollins with a sledgehammer. Roman, who realizes what's happened, goes to pin Rollins but he shockingly kicks out. Trips, shocked, then gives the sledgehammer to Roman. He takes it, hits Seth, wins and becomes champion. After pretending to be confused, he shares a smile with triple h and they celebrate in the ring, finally cementing the double turn we've all wanted for months.

I would book the return of the World Heavyweight Championship like this:
The next night on Raw, Stephanie brings back the World Heavyweight Championship belt, Seth Rollins comes out demanding that he be crowned champion because he wasn't involved in the desicion at Battleground, but Mick Foley announces that there will be an Elimination Chamber match at Summerslam to crown a new champion. At Summerslam the final two comes down to Rollins and Reigns and while they are both down, Triple H returns with a sledgehammer, enters the chamber and knocks out Seth, Roman and Triple H smile at each other and Roman wins. The next night on Raw; Roman says that he tried everything to make the fans respect him but they booed him all the time and says that only the Authority cares for him. Seth Rollins comes out and cuts a pipebomb promo and says that Roman was hand picked by Vince. This turns the whole locker room against Roman and brings realism into the storyline, making it The Authority vs The Fans and Roman vs The Locker room. All leading to a triple threat match at Wrestlemania between Roman, Seth and Finn Balor, with Balor winning the title.

WWE Battleground Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins Championship Match Results & Streaming

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We’re now watching a little video package highlighting the history of tonight’s main event participants in The Shield, one of the greatest factions of recent times. I can’t wait for the full video promo later this evening.
Regardless of the lack of build for tonight’s clash (thanks to Roman’s suspension) this is one match that does not need much hype. It is more than two years in the making and features three of the brightest stars of this generation.
Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have dominated the main event scene for some time now. Tonight we find out who will reign (not a pun, sorry) supreme.

RESULT - Dean Ambrose Winner

The Wyatt Family defeat The New Day

Kofi finally gets the chance to relieve some pressure and make a tag. Big E races in and suplexes Rowan out of his boots. He gyrates then splashes him.
HUGE belly to belly suplex by Big E. Strowman makes the save. Wyatt interferes and Rowan slams Big E.
Strowman goes flying out of the ring after a missed big boot. Kofi takes him out with a somersault plancha.
Wyatt is in. He dodges Trouble in Paradise but Woods saves Kofi. Woods is frozen in the face of Wyatt. MASSIVE uranage slam on Kofi.
Woods snaps out of it and launches a frenzied attack on Bray. Lovely kick. Top rope springboard splash! The crowd are going wild.
He superkicks Rowan and punches Strowman on the apron, allowing Big E to hit his patented spear.
He turns around and sees Wyatt creeping along the canvass. Shocked, he falls victim to Sister Abigail. Bray hits his finisher for the win.
Cracking little match, which told an engaging story. Wyatt looks the business again.

'The Highlight Reel' with Randy Orton

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The reveal of Randy Orton as Brock Lesnar’s SummerSlam opponent came — yep — outta nowhere, and The Viper is set to break his silence on a special edition of Chris Jericho’s “The Highlight Reel” live at WWE Battleground.

The Apex Predator, out of action since late last year with a shoulder injury, had been the subject of much speculation among the WWE Universe concerning when, how, or even if, he would make his return. The announcement that Orton will lock horns with The Beast Incarnate at SummerSlam only served to ramp up interest in The Viper’s return, and The Anomaly’s victory over Mark Hunt at UFC 200 only served to add even more question marks to SummerSlam’s first announced bout.

Will The Viper be able to compete at 100 percent following a recovery that has been thus far shrouded in mystery? How aggressively did he scout Lesnar during his return to the Octagon? And can the master of the RKO manage to defeat The Beast in what is now unmistakably the peak of his second prime?

Host Chris Jericho will look to ascertain all this and more when he welcomes Orton to “The Highlight Reel” at WWE Battleground. Drink it in live Sunday, July 24, on the award-winning WWE Network, man.

Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks (WWE Battleground 2016 Results)

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Is WWE still trying to erase Nikki's longest reigning record with Charlotte? It's not long ago Nikki was made to erase Aj Lee's record. If the NEW ERA or PG is all about "Longest Reigning", then all the bunch of talents in WWE will have to wait until 300+ days(over a year +) before a new champion emerges. Things are getting worse in WWE.

When they decide with AJ Lee gone, butterflies don't suit the title belt so let's mix the WWE Championship belt design with Intercontinental Championship belt colour.

Since actually defending titles has become a thing of the past. The women's title hasn't been legitimately defended in months because she's been in tag team matches. Seeing the champion wrestle doesn't count as being a good CHAMPION. Of course, it's not her fault; it's the writing and booking, but still. Champion for a year blah blah, who cares because her matches since before WrestleMania have been cheats, screw jobs, or tag teams.

 Even heels get a clean (or even clean-ish) win now and then, they haven't let Charlotte have one in a very very long time. But now it seems they have Dana taking her losses instead, she's lost to Becky and Sasha over the past couple months. It will be interesting to see what they do with her once she loses the title, could be refreshing.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

WWE Draft 2016 Completely One Sided ! How ?

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This is why a draft wasn't needed. What's the point? Raw's roster is too bulky compared to a very thin Smackdown roster. Kane, Mark Henry, Jericho and Big Show aren't going to be around much longer. Also, Lesner is part-time. Then you have a cruiserweight and women's division on ONE SHOW. Story lines have been compromised as well. Apparently, the roster wasn't as stacked as they thought. I could've told them. This is what happens when you lack the ability to create enough superstars with star-power. A brand split wasn't needed at all. The rosters weren't the problem; it was the creative writing/booking, authority figures taking up too much screen time and the stupid, unnecessary backstage segments.

The draft was completely one sided. First of all, most of the major stars are on Raw. Secondly only American Alpha is a noteworthy tag team. Becky Lynch is the only female 'wrestler' (i guess). There's barely any heel on SmackDown. What's the meaning of this draft?

I see a lot of people complaining that Joe, Bayley and Nakamura weren't drafted last night. Look, I want to see those wrestlers on the main roster as much as everyone else, but taking that many people away from NXT at once will decimate their roster and show. NXT needs some star power to anchor the show.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Things WWE Fans Want From The Draft

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I'm actually thrilled that this has finally happened, the brand split between RAW and SmackDown helped massively as it gained equal momentum for superstars but on "opposite sides of the fence", not just in a "whole playground". I think that with this brand split does define the questions...

Is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship going to have divided? With the WWE title on one brand, and the WHC on the other?

Will the US title and IC title be divided on different shows like previously

The Women's title, is that going to be a shared championship between the RAW and Smackdown women's divisions.

The previous questions also apply to the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Are the PPVs going to be divided up so that RAW has a few PPVs, Smackdown has a few PPVs and the main 4 PPVs and Night of Champions be cross-branded?

If this is a way where WWE is going back to its old routes like before, I'm definitely down this path.

And also I kinda like that WWE is making Smackdown live every week on Tuesday, because Tuesday is usually the day of recording Smackdown and it gets played 2-3 days time. It benefits as we don't see people giving out spoilers on what will happen if SD was done on Tuesday. So I hope that this new era helps massively on rekindling the glory days, although a compromise has to be as the WWE has to maintain the PG era, bit of a low blow, but at least this is a route that is being thought out very carefully.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

WWE Battleground 2016 Results & Updates

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Do you see? Shane McMahon running Raw changed absolutely nothing! Why? Because he's not really running Raw! Vince still owns it and Triple H and his team of former Hollywood Writers still write it!

Taking the IC Title off Ryder after 1 day! For The Miz?! BS!

Muted the crowd when they were booing Roman Reigns and giving him grief?! The fans pay their money, they come from all over the World for that show, if they don't like what they're seeing, they'll let you know it and have every right to!

And having another brand split will change nothing, either, except meaning we can't see all our favourites on all the shows anymore. That's it. Nothing else will change. It won't fix anything! Just rehashing old bad ideas.

If you wanna rehash old things, bring some attitude back to WWE and bring WWE and ECW back. If you want a brand split, bring those brands back and do it properly.


New Day defeat The Wyatt Family

Rusev retains the US Title against Zack Ryder

Natalya defeats Becky Lynch

John Cena, Enzo & Cass defeat The Club

Darren Young gets destroyed by The Miz for the IC Title

Kevin Owens defeats Sami Zayn

Sasha Banks and mystery partner Bayley defeat Charlotte and Dana

In the WWE Title Match, I see a screwy finish resulting in both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins pinning Roman Reigns at the same time causing a split of the Championship. If Vince was smart, he would put the title on Reigns and make him a monster heel coming off his suspension. Vince is likely too stubborn for that. We will see.